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Paul is Founder of the International College of Natural Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has developed the curriculum for the College. He has recruited experienced teachers who all have excellent post secondary education at accredited Universities. These same teachers are very proficient in their modalities.

Paul has a Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology from the University of Guelph and a Doctor in Naturopathy from Trinity College in the U.S.A. Paul has also completed diplomas in Acupuncture, Herbalism, Orthomolecular Nutrition and Biofeedback.

He was ordained as a Squire of Merit through the Sovereign Orthodox order of Knights Hospitaller in 2005. Paul is a Knight of Honour, Cultural Attache' with the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope.

He was V.P. finance for the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners N.A..

His professional experience includes corporate financial administration and job placement manager for executive job positions.


1990 - Centre of International Holistic Studies was founded by our Faculty Department Head of Biological Medicine, Colin Paddon in 1990 and was located in Brantford, Ontario.
1994 - Colin Paddon moved Centre of International Holistic Studies to Stoney Creek, Ontario
2001 - Paul Henderson acquired ownership of the Centre of International Holistic Studies. Then, the Centre became registered as College of International Holistic Studies with the Federal and Provincial Governments. College operated out of Campbellville and in 2004 moved to Milton.
2010 - The name was changed to CIHS-Brooklin and the College was moved to Brooklin or Whitby. ON
2014 - The College's name was changed to the International College of Natural Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine with location still in Whitby, Ontario.


The International College of Natural Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine (ICNH-TCM) is built on a firm foundation designed to synergistically blend the rigor of medical science with the time-tested power of alternative and integrated therapies. Each program is designed to provide you with the practical knowledge and experience to help others using real-world tools, as well as the consciousness to appreciate that every living being has an ability to heal themselves and/or facilitate others on their journey.


ICNH-TCM is a registered educational institution with the Government of Canada. ICNH-TCM incorporates a natural health facility that provides a positive, progressive learning environment. Through affiliations with numerous national and international accreditation organizations and boards, ICNH-TCM offers Certificates and Diplomas in a variety of therapeutic skills and methodologies.

ICNH-TCM Key facts

• Canadian-based International Institution of higher learning.
• Providing education of the highest standard.
• Offering one of the most comprehensive natural medicine programs in the world.
• Registered Educational Institution with the Government of Canada.
• Issues T2202A Educational tax receipts for all courses longer than two days.
• Affiliated with numerous national and international accreditation organizations and boards.
• Awarding earned certificates and diplomas in a variety of therapeutic skills and methodologies.
• Supporting Online and Distance Education Programs- presenting cutting edge learning at home.
• Combining the latest scientific research with ageless truths practiced by historical, tried and proven methods.
• Staffed with expert scientists, instructors and practitioners committed to learning and teaching, and promoting good health.
• All courses have the underlying philosophy conceptualized around Nature possessing the tools for healing.

Our Purpose is to help you fulfill Yours

ICNH-TCM is dedicated to serving students who care about themselves and the lives of others. You may be seeking greater awareness of healthier wholeness for yourself or a loved one. You may wish to earn a professional designation to open a practice or perhaps to see yourself becoming a wellness coach. As you explore the programs and courses in our calendar you will notice that we have brought together the sciences of the body with the art of the mind and the passion of the spirit.

Our purpose is to allow you to learn what you feel drawn to and pick from a multidisciplinary array of choices offered in a variety of formats, from self study to classroom and clinic. When choosing the courses to help you fulfill your purpose, do what we did in creating ICNH-TCM - engage your mind, body, heart, and soul!

Commercial Partners

ICNH-TCM is connected to number of outstanding commercial organizations that offer therapeutic services, holistic medicine supplies, and related treatment equipment.