Aromatherapy for Holistic Therapists

Course Code: ARO 210
Tuition (CAD): $295.00
Duration: Home Study
Location: Homen Study
Teacher: Home Study
Class Time: Home Study


This course, Aromatherapy for Holistic Therapists, is for all practitioners in the healing field of holistic or natural health.

This course will help facilitate you to increase your ability to make a difference in this world one patient at a time.   Many Medical professionals throughout the world are using Holistic or Natural Medicine to enhance their practice, improve their income and become known as a true healer.   Welcome to a new thought, called "intent".

The 10 chapters of this course refers to all the body systems including the Anatomy and Physiology plus the diseases and disorders associated with those anatomical functions.  Included is an extensive listing of Essential Oils to facilitate the healing of the disease or disorder of each body system.

Course includes Exam Questions.  

Upon receipt of the exam questions, the College - ICNH-TCM will issue "Aromatherapy Therapist" Certificate.


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