Bio Terrain Assesment

Course Code: CERT 206
Tuition (CAD): $395.00
Duration: 2 Day Weekend
Location: Brooklin
Teacher: Paul Henderson
Class Time: 10 am - 5:00 pm


This two-day course introduces Bioterrain Assesment, a technique for deducing the nutritional, biochemical, and biological status of the body, primarily through the analysis of urine.

The course teaches seven different urine tests.  Together, these tests give a multidimensional picture of the body's internal chemistry.  Factors measured are:

Other basic tests are blood tests for blood sugar, cholesterol, and hemogloban,  As well as taking of blood pressure and oxidative stress test which measure the degree of which the body is aging.  

Upon completion of the course, student receives a 'Bio Terrain Assesment' Certificate.

Tuition - $ 395.00

Instructor:  Paul Henderson

Location:  Brooklin - Classroom


Part of Diploma Program: