Biofeedback: Legalities, Ethics & Scope of Practice

Course Code: BFB 101
Tuition (CAD): $472.00
Duration: On Line
Location: On Line
Teacher: Paul Henderson
Class Time: TBD


This course is accessed through the ICNH virtual classroom. By the end of this module, the student will be required to submit a personally written informed consent form, understand and explain their operating code of ethics as well as defining and identifying their scope of practice.

Business Practices: Using all the skills you have gathered; each student will be taught business ethics and develop a code of professional conduct according to provincial and state laws. Students will also be exposed to the legalities and practicalities of working in tandem with other health care professionals.

Students will be exposed to a variety of practical marketing tools and the use of technology to effectively promote their business. Taught by streaming video and power point materials through ICNH Virtual Classroom.


Part of Diploma Program: