Cranial Sacral Rhythm

Course Code: CERT 211
Tuition (CAD): $395.00
Duration: 1 - Day Weekend
Location: Brooklin
Teacher: Paul Henderson
Class Time: 10 am - 5:00 pm


Cranial Sacral treatment is a gentle, manual form of bodywork.  This course shows the procedures for basic structural treatment. The treatment can be performed in different ways, depending on the practitioner's training and experience and therapeutic approach. 

The Cranial Sacral treatment supports the autonomic and central nervous systems and locomotor system. It intensifies the self-regulation of the body, its self-healing forces and immune resistance, and produces a more balanced cranial sacral rhythm.  This treatment reduces or resolves restrictions and barriers in the cranial sacral system;the subtle support given to the natural motion of the cranial bones and all the body fluids also helps give more room and freedom of motion for the brain as a whole, leading to better functioning and increasing its immense potential.  

Cranial Sacral treatment simultaneously assists several different body systems, and relaxes the body from the outside in.  This type of bodywork has a wide range of application:  it is important for regeneration and maintaining health on the one hand, and on the other it aids healing in the treatment of disorders, syndromes and diseases. 

Textbook Included.


Part of Diploma Program: