Herbal Tester EDS Electro-Dermal Screening Certificate Course

Course Code: DHM 101
Tuition (CAD): $1,495.00
Duration: 2 Day Classroom; 3 Day Home Study
Location: Brooklin
Teacher: Paul Henderson
Class Time: 10 am - 5:00 pm



Certification qualifications require the student to attend a 5 day training session which will cover the practical techniques of Herbal Testing using EDS (Electro-Dermal Screening) Device + complete Herbalism Basics Home Study Course.

EDS - Electro-Dermal Screening or Point Probe method is testing all of the organs to determine deficiency or excess using the acupuncture points on both the hands and feet.

The following is covered:

  • EDS Demo Video
  • Brief History of Electro-Dermal Screening according to Dr. Voll
  • Review of Herbal Pharmacopeia
  • Review and demo of Cold Percolation of Herbs.  This is a method of extraction of the medicinal properties of herbs to form liquid tinctures under controlled temperatures.
  • Electro-Dermal Organ Testing Demo using herbal test kits to bring the organs of the body into balance.
  • Basic EDS Training is provided to the student.
  • Medicinal use of Herbs to prepare student in the choice of herbal tinctures and/or tonics required to make a customized Herbal Remedy through EDS.
  • A complete Testing Protocol is provided for the student to have a reference guide if they choose to purchase and perform EDS testing.

Upon completion the student is ready to do 10 case study tests on friends and family to qualify for Certification.  

Equipment purchase of Mini-Biotron Electro-Dermal Screening device is optional at an additional $2500.00 - $3900 US Funds + HST, Duty & Shipping.


Part of Diploma Program: