Live Blood Cell Certificate

Course Code: CERT 205
Tuition (CAD): $995.00
Duration: 2 Day Weekend
Location: Brooklin
Teacher: Paul Henderson
Class Time: 10 am - 5:00 pm


This course presents the new Biology, Live Blood Cell Microscopy Training. 

The course goal is to teach you how to conduct nutritional evaluations using a personal profile and microscopic blood evaluation techniques in order to enable you to make recommendations for lifestyle changes, remedies, and educational materials which will improve the health of your clients. 

Course Objectives are:

  • Identify the four underlying causes of illness.
  • Define pH and describe the role pH plays in a person's health.
  • Determine the pertinent information on an Evaluation Profile Form.
  • Demonstrate correct methods for collecting blood specimens.
  • Set up the microscope for an evaluation.
  • Complete a nutritional evaluation using a profile form and live/dry blood specimens.
  • Identify remedies for terrain and nutritional disorders.

Upon completion of course student receives a 'Live Blood Cell Analysis' Certificate.

Cost $495.00

Option to purchase a Microscope is available.


Part of Diploma Program: