Nutrition Fundamentals

Course Code: CERT 200
Tuition (CAD): $180.00
Duration: Home Study
Location: Home Study
Teacher: Home Study
Class Time: 8 hours


The subject of nutrition is massively wide and deep.  There is so much to know and so many seemingly contradictory theories on the subject of nutrition and its relationship with human physioloy and mental function.  Most people, even (or perhaps especially) when partly informed by means of articles on the subject in magazines, etc., find they are confused.  The purpose of this COURSE is to provide a clear explanation of the basic priniciples of nutrition and its effect upon your health.

This course covers the Principles of Nutrition:  a survey of the vitamins and minerals on a biochemical and nutritional basis, orthomolecular medicine, various dietary cures, etc. are covered in 30 lessons.

Course is accompanied with Exam Questions.  

Upon completion of Exam Questions, student will receive 'Nutrition Fundamentals' Certificate


Part of Diploma Program: