Wholistic Esthetics Fundamentals

Course Code: MST 102
Tuition (CAD): $195.00
Duration: Home Study
Location: Home Study
Teacher: Home Study
Class Time: Home Study


This course covers several subjects to broaden the students knowledge to become a thoroughly rounded wholistic Esthetician and Massotherapist. 


The Course covers the following Subjects:

  • Science of Chemistry
  • Matter & Energy
  • Biology
  • Medical Botany
  • Topographical Anatomy
  • Germ Theory of Disease
  • Healthology Study Guides
  • General Dermology
  • Lymphatic System
  • Hair and Scalp Disorders
  • Muscles and Postural Patterns
  • Vital Energy (Ch'i) and its disorders
  • Nail Structures






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Part of Diploma Program:

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