Diploma in Biofeedback

Diploma Code: BFB 100
Tuition (CAD): $2,795.00
Duration: One Year
Location: Brooklin
Next Start: continuous (online)
Class Time: online


Quantum Biofeedback is an exciting new field of interest within the Integrative and Complementary Health Care arena. As the need for safe, non invasive, non toxic yet highly effective health care options increases in popularity, highly qualified and professionally trained Biofeedback Technicians and Therapists are in increasingly high demand. Therefore ICNH has created a Diploma program with these needs in mind.

The first step in the two level process begins with becoming a Certified Biofeedback Technician (CBT). The student, while completing 5 requirements, still needs to operate under Supervision until they become a Registered Biofeedback Therapist. Please keep in mind that Biofeedback is still a self-regulated profession and the designations are optional but strongly advised in accordance with pending government regulations in North America.

The five modules that are the required ICNH foundation for a student to become a CBT are as follows:

Courses BFB 101, BFB 102, & BFB 103 must be completed online prior to attending BFB 104. Course BFB 105 is completed online after the practical hands on education. If the purchase of a LIFE system was completed through Living Information Systems prior to taking this program, the tuition portion of the Level One program may be credited to the student. Call the school for more details.


  • All classes are completed online
  • Completion of required reading assignments and essays
  • Satisfactory completion of 500 hours of internship and a 2500 word dissertation on a successful case study
  • A passing grade of 70% or higher on all online tests.


  • The student will need a LIFE system or a demo version of the LIFE system. Contact the school for further details.
  • Ebooks are included in the tuition cost. Printed manuals are available for sale.

Diploma Courses

Course Code Title Duration Fees
APP 101C Anatomy and Physiology Essentials Home Study $295.00
BFB 101 Biofeedback: Legalities, Ethics & Scope of Practice On Line $472.00
BFB 102 Biofeedback: Foundations of Quantum Physics On Line $472.00
BFB 103 Biofeedback: The History & Guidelines of Biofeedback On Line $472.00
BFB 104 Biofeedback: Device Hands-On 3 Days $472.00
BFB 105 Biofeedback: Bioenergetic Coach On Line $472.00
BFB 202 Required Reading Course Assignments 30 clock hours $0.00
BFB 203 Internship 500 clock hours $0.00
BFB 204 Case Study Dissertation 50 clock hours $0.00
INT 101 Internship 25 case studies - 150 clock hours $0.00
MED 101C Medical Terminology Home Study $140.00

Books Required

ISBN Title Author Price Type