Diploma in Natural Medicine

Diploma Code: DNM 100
Tuition (CAD): $5,435.00
Duration: 2 years
Next Start: Home Study
Class Time: Home study + Weekend Classroom


ICNH-TCM is honoured to offer the Diploma of Natural Medicine Program. This program combines a rich mixture of Home Study plus clinical Lab at an ICNH-TCM location. Clinical Lab cost is $795.in addition to tuition cost.

Note: Tuition for International students is US Funds.

Innatural medicine education, there are three levels of training: basic medical sciences, therapeutic principals and modalities, and clinical Lab. The combined home study and onsite learning approach allows the student to complete a large part of the basic training by correspondence while engaging in advanced studies and clinical Lab at the college.

This program qualifies you for a professional designation as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner registered with the Canadian Examining Board of Natural Health Practitioners.


This two yearNatural Medicine Diploma Programoffers a minimum of 2000 hours of instruction. The program is subdivided into a sequential set of learning modules. Modules 1 to 3 are handled in the first year and Modules 4 to 6 in the second year.

The courses address specific tasks necessary for graduation, and professional entry skills. Clinical equipment, tools, and products used in training are comparable to those used in the industry. Each student receives instruction that relates to the performance of useful, creative, and productive career oriented activities. Subjects are presented by means of home study and reading assignments, as well as direct hands-on demonstrations, class discussion, and student projects during clinical Labs. Audio-visual aids, guest speakers, and other related learning methods may also be used as appropriate.

Year One - Course Outline

Module 1

Medical Terminology
Basic Anatomy & Physiology
Physics & Biochemistry

Module 2


Module 3

Basic Nutrition
Ultimate pH
4 Week Detox Plan
Ancient Einkorn

Year Two - Course Outline

Module 4

Medical Herbalism
60 Seconds to Slim

Module 5

Lymphatic Drainage
Raindrop Therapy
Organ Testing
Medical Spa Therapy

Module 6

Case Studies
Business Planning


  • Completion of required reading assignments and course tests
  • Satisfactory completion of 25 case studies and a 5,000 word dissertation on one successful case study
  • A passing grade of 70% or higher on the final theory and practical examination


  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Read, write and speak English

Diploma Courses

Course Code Title Duration Fees
APP 101C Anatomy and Physiology Essentials Home Study $295.00
ARO 106 Lymphatic Massage 5-Day Classroom $975.00
ARO 210 Aromatherapy for Holistic Therapists Home Study $295.00
BIZ 102 Business Planning 2-Day Classroom $295.00
BSC 102 Biology 8 credit hours $195.00
CERT 200 Nutrition Fundamentals Home Study $180.00
CHM 101 Chemistry & Physics 8 credit hours $195.00
DHM 103 Medical Herbalism 250 clock hours $325.00
DNM 214 Probiotics Home Study 8 credit hours $120.00
DNM 215 Ultimate pH Home Study 8 credit hours $60.00
DNM 216 Detox Plan - 4 Week Home Study 8 credit hours $130.00
DNM 217 Ancient Einkorn Home Study 8 credit hours $55.00
DNM 218 60 Seconds to Slim Home Study 8 credit hours $95.00
IRD 101 Iridology Home Study $295.00
MED 101C Medical Terminology Home Study $140.00
MST 105 Medical Spa Therapy Jade and Derma Ray Facial and Body Therapeutics 2 Day Weekend $795.00
NML 101 Natural Medicine Onsite Clinical Lab 5 Days Weekends $795.00
RFL 102 Reflexology for Holistic Therapists 3 Days $395.00

Books Required

ISBN Title Author Price Type
978-1-60961-849-0 60 Seconds to Slim Michelle Schoffro Cook $26.90 Printed
Acupuncture Paul Henderson $25.00 Printed
Ancient Einkorn D. Gary Young $23.95 Printed
978-0-9820318-0-3 Aromatherapy for Holistic Therapists Colin Paddon $49.95 Printed
9780764118333 Essential Atlas of Anatomy & Physiology (2 books) Parramon Studios $53.98 Printed
9780764127137 Essential Atlas of Physics and Chemistry Parramon's $30.99 Printed
978-0892-8174-98 Medical Herbalism David Hoffmann, FNIMH, AHG $69.95 Printed
978-0-470-45392-6 Microbiology: Principles and Explorations, 9th Edition Jacquelyn G. Black $175.95 Printed
Nutrition The Basics PA Institute $25.00 Printed
978-0323-3592-07 Quick & Easy Medical Terminology, 8th Edition Peggy C. Leonard, MT, MEd $86.95 Printed
978-0-9820318-2-7 Reflexology for Holistic Therapists Colin Paddon $29.26 Printed
978-1885653239 Science and Practice of Iridology Bernard Jensen $75.95 Printed
The 4 Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan Michelle Schoffro Cook $26.05 Printed
The Probiotic Promise: Simple Steps to Heal Your Body from the Inside Out Michelle Schoffro Cook $29.95 Printed
The Ultimate Ph Solution Michelle Schoffro Cook $26.84 Printed