Diploma in Reflexology

Diploma Code: RFL 100
Tuition (CAD): $1,175.00
Duration: Home Study + Classroom
Location: Brooklin
Next Start: Home Study
Class Time: TBA


Reflexology is a pleasant and safe form of therapy that is used as a method of activating the healing powers of the body. It is both old and new.

Although it is based on a similar principle to acupuncture, it is non-invasive. Instead of using needles, pressure is used in specific areas of the foot to reduce stress and tension, and to help promote circulation and well-being.

From ancient tests, illustrations, and artifacts, we know that the early Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Russians and Egyptians worked on the feet to promote good health. Today, many of these same techniques have been developed into a modern scientific method called Reflexology..

What joins the ancients with the moderns is the long-established principals that there are energy zones that run throughout the body, and reflex areas in the feet that correspond to all the major organs, glands, and body parts.

These "reflexes" found in the feet are considered a reflection of the health and state of the body system organs.

Through gentle pressures on appropriate areas of the foot, not only is homeostasis being restored to the recipient, but through the therapeutic use of touch the treatment becomes even more beneficial.


  • A passing grade of 70% or higher on the final theory and practical examinations
  • Completion of required reading assignments, tests and essays
  • Satisfactory completion of 20 case studies and 2500 word dissertation on one successful case study


  • High School Diploma
  • Read, write and speak English
  • Registered/licensed health practitioners may receive exemption from parts of this program providing a transcript from a registered educational institution is sent to ICNH-TCM in advance of registration.

Diploma Courses

Course Code Title Duration Fees
APP 101C Anatomy and Physiology Essentials Home Study $295.00
ARO 103 Raindrop_Aromatherapy_Massage 1 Day Weekend $250.00
MED 101C Medical Terminology Home Study $140.00
RFL 101 Vita-Flex 1-Day $95.00
RFL 102 Reflexology for Holistic Therapists 3 Days $395.00

Books Required

ISBN Title Author Price Type
9780764118333 Essential Atlas of Anatomy & Physiology (2 books) Parramon Studios $53.98 Printed
Raindrop Essential Oils Kit D. Gary Young $250.00 Printed
978-0-9820318-2-7 Reflexology for Holistic Therapists Colin Paddon $29.26 Printed