Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire and educate Practitioners of Natural Medicine by building courses in primary care and by creating affordable Clinics where Practitioners have freedom of choice in therapies with everyone participating in community to create an abundance of good health.

International College of Natural Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine offers our students the most comprehensive traditional natural health education in the country. Drawing on decades of experience and expertise, our goal is to offer the tools necessary to help you transform your life and improve the health of the world.

ICNH-TCM provides unprecedented access to the most relevant information about the ever-expanding topics of natural health, multiple platforms and ongoing support from our instructors.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is that when the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the whole person are developed, true health can be achieved. We designed our courses to support the integration of all three.

We consider our greatest asset to be the quality of our graduates and the continuing contributions they make to the health and wellness of their families and communities.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to empower you to make your dreams a reality. We are dedicated to serving students who care about themselves and the lives of others. Students study Natural Health for three different reasons:
1) To improve their own health,
2) To be able to help improve the health of their family and friends or
3) Start a career as a Natural Health Practitioner.
ICNH-TCM offers free counseling to help you achieve your dream.

Flexible Learning Programs

You may pick from a multidisciplinary array of choices offered in a variety of formats depending on the program.

Onsite Classroom Learning
Some programs such as Acupuncture are taught in classroom at our Whitby onsite classroom.  We also offer some courses in Hamilton and we are open to other locations if four or more students are interested, therefore, we are flexible. 

Distance Learning Online
Some programs are offered through our 'virtual online classroom'.  This gives you flexibility to study on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Distance Learning Home Study
Some Diploma Programs and Certificate Courses are offered as Home Study where we send you the class books with exam questions.  This too allows you the flexibility to study at your own pace and on your own schedule. 

As you explore the programs and courses in our calendar you will notice that we have brought together the sciences of the body with the art of the mind and the passion of the spirit.

When choosing the program or course to help you fulfill your purpose, do what we did in creating the International College of Natural Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine - engage your mind, body, heart, and soul.

The International College of Natural Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine offers professional education in the following:

Diploma Programs

Certificate Courses


ICNH-TCM is a registered educational institution with the Government of CanadaICNH-TCM incorporates a natural health facility that provides a positive, progressive learning environment. Through affiliations with numerous national and international accreditation organizations and boards, ICNH-TCM offers Certificates and Diplomas in a variety of therapeutic skills and methodologies.

10 Reasons to Register

  1. Classes are run on weekends to avoid interference with your work day
  2. Small class size
  3. Distance Virtual classroom or Home Study courses allow you to study at your own schedule and pace
  4. Some text books are included in tuition fee
  5. Student Clinic is available to get your hours of 'hands on' practice
  6. Class hours satisfy current regulations
  7. Curriculum is immediately applicable to start a Practice
  8. Student 'mentor program' offered
  9. Education Tax Credits
  10. Payment plans available

We invite you to join our community to experience the depth and richness of these natural medicine disciplines.
If necessary, Our College offers, upon request, payment plans to meet your financial budget. 
Note:   Tuition for International Students is U.S. Funds